Hourly Design Consultation

Our Design consultation is a 1.5 hour consult.  Topic is what ever design related issue you would like to talk about. After the first 1.5 hours the prices drop to our normal hourly rate of $125 per hour. The first 1.5 hours you prepay this flat rate, but If you prefer to have us work by the hour versus choosing one of our design packages will require to Pay the first 1.5 hours when you sign up online for your appointment The remainder will be billed..
What you Get?

  • A Maine certified interior designer that is here to make you life a bit easier during your design project.  We can help with color consultations, space planning accessories procurement and much more. Let us take the stress out of your design project.
  • . The consultations will give you one on one time with a Maine Certified Interior Designer (MCID) with over 30 years of experience.


If you need construction documentation please look at our Tailored Reformation Design package

2_This is for one room?

That is up to what your needs are.

3_Can the in person consultation be online?

Yes, but this works best if you know how to use the video camera on your phone or tablet.

4_Can you reschedule your appointment?

Yes, but at this time we ask you to do so by calling us at 207-215-7872 and give us at least a 12 hour notice.